Rhodes selected Nashville Bar Foundation Fellow

White & Rhodes co-workers take this opportunity to congratulate Scott Rhodes on his election to be a Nashville Bar Foundation Fellow.  Fellows must be nominated and elected by existing fellows.

The Fellows Program was established in 1991 as a way for the bar to honor its colleagues who have contributed significantly to the community. Devotion to service to the client and to the public interest are hallmarks of the program. Fellows are selected by their colleagues. Each "class" of Fellows is limited to approximately 1% of the bar in Nashville.

Supreme Court declines to consider certified question clarifying West; trial courts fill void by declaring medical charges limited to payment actually made.

On October, 15, 2015, a per curiam order ended anticipated clarification concerning the broader applicability of the West analysis  in the tort litigation context.

The Court had been asked by the U S District Court in Memphis to answer the following certified question of law:

Is the decision in West' limited to the Hospital Lien Act or is it also applicable to personal injury actions directly against the alleged tortfeasor?

In the absence of a Supreme Court clarification, Circuit Courts across the state confront challenges to medical charge discounts and adjustments.  White & Rhodes lawyers are in the vanguard of seeking to limit reasonable medical charges to those actually paid, rather than "sticker price" fictional charges.