Happily married and with more common sense than most of my coworkers, I keep my head down and try to avoid eye contact with the crazy people around here.   Unfortunately, it is much harder to avoid the many, many subro calls we receive daily.  It's remarkable how many people do not remember being in an automobile accident until you show them the police report to prove it.  I worry occasionally that I am the only sane person in the world, but then I go home to my husband, and he reassures me that I'm not at all sane.  That might be why they assigned me to handle all of the incoming mail and faxes in subrogation. 

My cats are all the children I have.  I have too much fun with my husband to want to slow down for children any time soon.  Some of our hobbies include motorcycling, watching boxing and football, and recently going to NASCAR races.  Front row at Taladega was AWESOME!  Last but not least, I have a lifelong addiction to Buffalo "Wild" Wings washed down with a cold beer.