White & Rhodes is recognized as the State’s most prolific trial law firm in the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter over the past decade despite our modest size. 

Our lawyers and staff embrace the philosophy that proactive file handling ensures the most effective litigation strategy for business and personal lines litigation. Given the focused nature of our practice, each attorney is familiar with recurrent issues that arise in civil litigation--communication with clients and risk professionals, procurement of pre-accident work and medical records, witness location and interview and occasional delay by claimants or their attorneys.

In low limits personal lines cases, White & Rhodes personnel understand that acquiring the information needed to evaluate and resolve a case quickly and fairly is not always a “one size fits all” checklist or flowchart proposition. The ability to identify the critical issues in consultation with claims professionals has served our clients well in avoidance of excess exposure or protracted and expensive litigation.

Familiarity with local judges, lawyers and doctors is an important part of effective personal lines auto litigation in Tennessee. Past medical depositions are stored and indexed in such a way that past proof (required in all but the smallest of claims in Tennessee) can yield focused, attention-grabbing cross-examination in future cases. Part of venue familiarity includes the ability to identify which lawyers are frequent injury litigators and which are not. Knowing which plaintiff lawyers will actually try cases and which will not is monitored. The firm’s philosophy is that high volume plaintiff practitioners are where the most focus logically must lie--training these lawyers to be quick and fair makes more sense that trying to educate the sporadic injury lawyer only seen once or twice over time.

Paramount in personal lines litigation is effective communication with the insured client. Many are inexperienced and understandably anxious. Lawyers must provide clients and claims professionals peace of mind. In addition to striving for frequent, plainly worded written communications, all White & Rhodes personnel welcome questions and input from those folks most important to the process--the clients.

Equally important to effective handling of civil litigation matters is the recognition of the input and abilities of risk managers and claims professionals involved in the resolution of the claim. We endeavor to foster collaborative relationships with company representatives so the combined skills can be used in a most efficient manner.

In high risk cases, the firm’s lawyers are aware of the array of concessions and options available to reduce the insured’s risk of personal exposure, such as high/low agreements, collaboration with UIM carriers in return for waiver of potential UM subrogation and stipulations of evidence or expenses in return for damage caps. No effort is spared to ensure safeguarding insured defendant’s financial condition and state of mind.

A growing emphasis of the firm is assisting litigants in civil and domestic matters resolve conflicts via mediation, arbitration and case evaluation.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you. Thank you for your consideration.